Energy Contract Placement

Sourcing the industries best energy rates.

Energy Contract Placement means that with access to over 30 energy suppliers, The Logical Group™ can ensure that we procure the best deals available on your behalf via our live portals ensuring that energy costs are minimised at all times.

If you are in an existing energy contract, we can make preparations up to 12 months in advance of your renewal date allowing you to take advantage of fixing a more competitive rate ahead of inflationary prices increases.

Our job is to match the right customer with the right supplier and to organise a supply agreement that works for both parties.

Energy Contract Placement: How it works

Many gas and electricity suppliers target specific and preferred types of customer – normally by company size and activity. The rates that gas and electricity suppliers actually pay for energy also varies around the country.

Logical’s initial investigation into your company will focus on how much energy it uses and what it does. Also of importance is when your business uses energy – gas and electricity is charged at different rates at different points of the day.

Logical will then start to match you with the types of suppliers most likely to want to do a deal to win your company’s business based upon your size, your energy demand patterns, and your line of business.

For businesses with multiple sites, the process of obtaining a company-wide quote and organising a synchronous switchover is complicated. However, Logical have a lot of experience in doing this and we will be there to guide you along the process.

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Solar PV provides a 40% offset through self-generation which means your New Monthly Bill = current monthly bill x 0.6  |  Annual Saving = (current bill - new bill) x 12  |  The Lifetime Saving figure assumes a 5% energy cost increase P/A for electricity meaning even greater savings each year. This is then added up over a 25 year period.
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Energy Contract Placement - FAQs

The unit rate is the price you’re charged for the gas and electricity your business actually consumes. Units are measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy.

This is a fixed amount of money that you’re charged every day for being an account holder. Not all energy companies have a standing charge however please be aware that the lack of a standing charge does not necessarily mean that your business gas and electricity costs will be lower.

This is how long you commit to being supplied by the company your broker finds for you.

With a fixed rate contract, you may be asked to sign up for at least one year and sometimes up to five years. If you wish to leave early, you may have to pay a hefty termination fee.

With a variable rate contract, most are easy-in, easy-out and they don’t require a termination fee to be paid as long as the correct notice is given. On most contracts, the notice period seems to be as little as thirty days.

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