The solar panels are already saving us more than we expected. We are very pleased to have made this positive step with green energy and reducing our carbon footprint.
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Solar PV

Substantial Energy Savings with Solar PV

The Logical Group, as a fully accredited installer, brings experience ranging from modest commercial installations right up to major solar parks delivering megawatts of power.

Solar PV is an economically viable and sustainable technology with a relatively short payback time, with solar panels and equipment costs at an all time low and now incorporating next generation analytics, there has never been a better time to install a commercial solar system.

As with all our services, we offer a complimentary audit to help you identify any potential opportunities for cost savings within your commercial or business premises.

Solar PV: At a glance

The cost of electricity in the UK has been rising for many years, with some energy companies increasing their electricity rates by as much as 10% year-on-year. Solar panels generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy bills.

Global cost of solar PV has decreased 82% between 2010-2019

Source: IRENA

Investing in solar PV can therefore help you save significantly on utility bills by in essence forward purchasing electricity for under 5 pence a kWh.

The lifetime cost of solar electricity is typically <5p per kWh

This compares to an average 48p* for electricity purchased from the grid (plus climate  levy). The cost from the grid is volatile and rises year-on-year with inflation and cost of production.

*Data correct as of Jun '23

89% of global CO2 emissions came from burning fossil fuels

Source: IPCC (2018)

As a renewable, carbon-free energy source, solar PV can help to drastically cut carbon emissions and drive our dependence away from fossil fuels, ultimately paving the way to a more climate secure future.

Avoid costly business disruption during unexpected outages

Make the most of the daylight by installing a battery storage solution to retain any unused generated energy that can then be utilised to power your building once the sun goes down or in the event of a blackout. Alternatively, interact with the grid to provide grid balancing services and wholesale electricity trading.

See how much you could save with solar

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Solar PV provides a 40% offset through self-generation which means your New Monthly Bill = current monthly bill x 0.6  |  Annual Saving = (current bill - new bill) x 12  |  The Lifetime Saving figure assumes a 5% energy cost increase P/A for electricity meaning even greater savings each year. This is then added up over a 25 year period.

Everyone can save with solar PV

Working with blue-chip companies, local authorities and SMEs across all industry sectors, The Logical Group specialise in commercial solar panels and provide UK businesses with a full turn-key design, installation and maintenance service for solar PV. With rising energy costs, putting your roof space to good use can be a sensible decision. Many commercial organisations have already realised the huge potential income stream available from solar energy.

Simply by utilising the roof space on your commercial premises, agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses, schools or hospitals, you can install solar power generators and start generating free, solar electricity.

Solar PV - FAQs

The Logical Group® can help you avoid the need for up front CapEx, so we can help incorporate installation payments. This means you get a simple lease-purchase payment plan, usually with very short payback periods, and with costs offset by energy savings.

we use software to accurately calculate your expected output which includes panel performance, inverter performance, shading, roof pitch, roof orientation and your local weather data to calculate how much electric you will generate. We then include these figures and how much money you are likely to earn, based on your usual usage and the amount that will be returned to the grid.

Depends on usage and cost of electricity but typically between 3 and 5 years

A 40kWp system can generate over 40,000 units (kWh) per year. Depending on when and how you use your electric depends on how much impact your PV system will have on your bills. With a bit of information about your electric usage and habits, we can produce incredibly accurate bespoke forecasts

There may be depending on where you are in the UK and your circumstances. At The Logical Group we can help you identify any additional savings.

In most cases, no. Most installations are completed within what is known as permitted development. We will advise on this process

The monitoring platform provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at the module level, string level and system level.

No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimisers to the inverter: the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimiser and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the biggest cause of climate change is CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. In 2018, 89% of global CO2 emissions came from burning fossil fuels alone. If we are to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, we must halve our fossil fuel emissions by 2030. But at the current rate of consumption, we are on track to produce more than double the amount of coal, oil and gas by 2030.

There are 2 main options 1) capex funding from our clients and 2) Lease asset funding whereby funders will lease the installation to you on the basis of a monthly lease fee for a period of between 2 and 7 years

Inverters change the DC current from the panels to AC current needed for your home and the grid. We utilise SolarEdge inverters which not only produce some of the highest efficiencies but are utilise an optimised system delivering the best outputs

The excess energy will be sold back to the grid.

Your inverter monitors grid voltage and ensures that it is putting the power from your inverter into your system at a slightly higher voltage than the grid. Voltage is best thought of as pressure, the force behind the electric. If the inverter produces a higher voltage when you switch an electrical appliance on it will naturally use the power from the panels first.

You will simply draw from the grid in the normal way. But remember, it doesn’t have to be sunny to generate electricity.

we can build a 3D model of your building to see which panels will fit best on your roof to maximise your ROI

For the safety of linesmen who may be repairing the fault, your inverter will need to shut down. There are some battery storage systems that will allow you to have back up power in the event of a power cut. If back up is essential, we’ll be happy to put together options for you.

PV stands for Photo (light) Voltaic (Electric). Solar PV panels convert light in to electricity. Note the word light, not sunlight. They will produce electricity on cloudy days. It’s just that their output will be higher, the brighter the light is. This is not new technology – the use of light to produce electricity dates back to the 19th Century.

Commercial roofs vary in construction and there are many different mounting solutions for every different scenario.

We will talk you through all the options focusing on the returns on your investment and the energy/carbon savings to help guide you on system choice selection

Solar PV panels gradually degrade over time. Typically they will lose around 15% of their power over 25 years with some high quality panels only degrading around 2.5% over 25 years. This also varies depending on the quality of the panel.

depends on the size of the scheme but typically 1 -3 weeks

yes solar uses sun light to generate energy so the perform the best in bright conditions however all of our modelling includes allowances for weather and time of year

no not at all, with an optimised system east and west systems work very well

we utilise our own electricians to complete the install

yes - you will need to clarify with your accountant but the installation of solar panels is typically seen as an allowable expenditure

we believe the benefits of optimised systems are worth the small extra cost. They are safer and more efficient

Yes at The Logical Group we complete all applications, permissions through to installation and commissioning so we are the one stop shop for your commercial solar needs

no not at all if you are using an optimised system

yes if needed we can relocate panels subject to site conditions

when we do the design we include surrounding buildings and trees to give an accurate picture of the performance of the array

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