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Portsmouth, Hampshire

Using Sylvania energy saving LED fittings, Logical delivered a 77% reduction in consumption at Frontline Communications in Portsmouth.

Frontline Communications is a UK business telephone answering service. They deliver bespoke customer service 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week.  So when the office needed updating, both energy consumption, and also comfortable office lighting were both important.

Frontline worked with The Logical Group, as the experts to help businesses on a mission to saving energy.  They are skilled at finding solutions, such as in lighting, biomass, solar and circuit level metering.

In order to meet the lighting requirements, Logical partnered with Concord, Architectural Lighting from Sylvania. This means they could utilise the Sylvania branded luminaires, and so meet the criteria required by the Frontline team.

The main office space was re-fitted with Sylvania LED Panels with glare control <19 UGR, which is required for best practice in office lighting. This provides 100 lumens per circuit watt, the total reconfiguration resulted in a 77% power reduction for the lighting installation. In addition to saving energy, this also provides a comfortable 4000k neutral, white colour temperature across the office space.

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“The office was in need of a refurbishment to provide a comfortable working environment 24/7 and reduce our energy consumption,” comments David Jones from Frontline.

“The lighting we selected was going to be extremely important for the overall design and ambience of the space. When it came to it, we selected Sylvania light fittings to meet the requirements of this project,” added Dave Pollinger, Director at The Logical Group.

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