telemarketing keeps the customers coming in

Whether you’re looking to scale your business and increase workload to satisfy a growing team or just want to work with peace of mind that the next job is always around the corner, our telemarketing service is tailored to your business goals and lets you focus on whats most important.

As an extension of your existing sales force, we will develop, implement and deliver telemarketing programs to help you build a strong marketing strategy that will keep your efforts timely and your influx of clients consistent.

our supporting marketing services

Email Campaigns

Where phone calls are ineffective, our insightful email campaigns will be straight to the point, and help get to the decision makers fast.

Athlete Sponsor

We have the negotiating experience and far-reaching industry relationships, to ensure that our clients are in the strongest negotiating position to receive the maximum price, exposure and equipment to help them on their journey.


From web ads to brochures, radio to TV, we have vast experience in advertising working with diverse companies and sectors to provide a quality outsourced advertisement solution.

Social Media

We utilise social media to help businesses gain greater exposure, leading to more leads and a consistent pipeline of prospective clients


Our expert techniques and processes will provide your business  with the stepping stones to be noticed at the very top of any internet search, providing your company’s website with the advantage of being first in line for any search engine click!

industry wide success

We work with clients on a national basis, primarily to increase their customer base and to work with them on structured campaigns to boost sales and generate new opportunities. Our process is designed to empower brands and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. We work with a large number of clients from various industries, some of which include:

  • Commercial Cleaning Companies
  • Sustainable Energy Consultants
  • Security and Fire Specialists
  • Construction and Maintenance Contractors
  • Gadgets, Apps and Software Developers
  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Sports Teams and Individual Athletes
  • Event Planners and Venues
  • Publishers and Website Owners

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